Raquel Leviss Wears a Lightning Necklace on ‘Pump Rules’ Pre-Scandal: What We Know

Raquel Leviss is a familiar face to fans of the hit reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules. The show, which follows the staff of Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant, SUR, has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2013. While the show has been embroiled in scandals over the years, one moment that stands out for Leviss is her appearance on the show wearing a lightning necklace.

In this article, we take a closer look at the significance of the necklace and what it tells us about Leviss and her time on the show.

The Lightning Necklace

During an episode of Vanderpump Rules, Leviss was seen wearing a unique necklace featuring a lightning bolt. The necklace caught the attention of viewers, who were curious about its meaning and significance. In response to the inquiries, Leviss shared on social media that the necklace was a gift from her boyfriend at the time, James Kennedy.

While the necklace may seem like a simple accessory, it holds a deeper meaning for Leviss. In an interview with US Magazine, Leviss revealed that she had always been fascinated by lightning and saw it as a symbol of power and strength. She explained that the lightning bolt represented her own inner strength and resilience, which had helped her to overcome challenges in her life.

Leviss’s Time on Vanderpump Rules

Leviss joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules in season four as a hostess at SUR. Over the years, she became a regular on the show and was even promoted to a main cast member in season eight. While Leviss’s time on the show was not without drama, she was often seen as a voice of reason and a mediator between her castmates.

However, the show has faced several scandals over the years, including accusations of racism and homophobia, which led to the firing of several cast members. Leviss has been vocal about her support for diversity and inclusion on the show and has spoken out against the behavior of some of her former castmates.

What We Know Now

While Leviss’s time on Vanderpump Rules may be over, her impact on the show is still being felt. The lightning necklace has become an iconic symbol of Leviss’s time on the show and a reminder of her strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, Raquel Leviss’s lightning necklace may seem like a simple accessory, but it holds a deeper meaning for her and her fans. As a symbol of strength and resilience, it serves as a reminder that even in the face of challenges and scandals, we have the power to overcome and emerge stronger than ever.


  • Raquel Leviss’s appearance on Vanderpump Rules wearing the lightning necklace was in season seven, during a cast trip to Mexico.
  • Leviss’s relationship with James Kennedy was a significant part of her storyline on Vanderpump Rules.
  • Leviss has a degree in Kinesiology and is passionate about fitness and healthy living.
  • Leviss has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression and has become an advocate for mental health awareness.

In conclusion, Raquel Leviss’s lightning necklace has become a memorable symbol of her time on Vanderpump Rules. It represents her strength and resilience in the face of challenges and serves as a reminder that we can all overcome adversity with inner fortitude. Leviss has moved on from the show, but her impact on the show and her fans remains. As we continue to watch reality TV and follow our favorite celebrities, let us remember the importance of diversity, inclusion, and mental health awareness.

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